What is EPS or Electronic Prescription Service?

What does this mean for me?
You no longer have to collect your repeat prescriptions from your GP. Instead, your GP will send them electronically to your chosen pharmacy, saving you time.

You will have more choice about where to get your medicines from because you can choose any pharmacy which offers EPS.

Is this service right for me?
Yes, if you have a stable condition and you don’t want to go to your GP practice every time to collect your repeat prescription.

Yes, if you want to have your medicines delivered or if you collect your medicines from the same place most of the time.

No, if you don’t get prescriptions very often or pick up your medicines from different places.

How can I use EPS?
You need to choose which pharmacy you want to receive your electronic prescription. This is called nomination.

You can nominate (choose) any pharmacy operating full EPS. You do not have to nominate a pharmacy near your GP practice. But you can only nominate one pharmacy at a time.

You can ask your GP or pharmacy to add your nomination for you. You do not need a computer to use EPS.

Can I change my nomination or cancel it and get a paper prescription?
Yes, if you don’t want your prescription to be sent electronically, just tell your GP. They will give you a paper prescription.

If you want to change pharmacy, speak to your GP or any pharmacist that offers EPS.

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